Are You Prepared for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  How are college students going to spend that day?  Find some good but inexpensive gifts to give a loved one and some alternative places to go to instead of that high-class restaurant.

February 14th has always been the day that every girl awaits.  Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday for girls. In fact males enjoy celebrating this day just as much.  With the holiday just a week away, students are trying to find inexpensive gifts to buy.  Places they can go, to be with that special someone. 

Lauren Tolin a 19-year-old sophomore at Michigan State University says, “Valentine’s Day is the one day out the year that girls are treated so special, and not just from their boyfriends. Getting roses and candy are just a few of the perks that come along with this day”. 

But being in college certainly changes things, not the significance of the day, but financially students are not able to spend an outsized amount of money.  So how do students still enjoy this day on a diminutive budget? 

Adam Clements a 19-year-old sophomore at Villanova University says, “I have to find something special and fun to do without spending a lot of money”.

Students are going above and beyond to make this Valentine’s Day special. Darryl Moncrease at student at Wilberforce University said, “renting movies or going to the on-campus movie theater is fun but inexpensive.” Also, going to school in a major city can be beneficial. 

Going to school in Washington D.C is a huge advantage. There are museums and even little restaurants that students can go to and enjoy themselves for cheap prices. 

There are other gifts that can be given for a cheap price, students can frame meaningful pictures and give them as gifts. Expensive gifts are very nice but when students are in college and money is an issue, saving is always a good thing.  Cooking a nice romantic dinner for someone special is also less expensive than a high-class restaurant and even more momentous.