Be Informed:

Meet your ANC Ward 6D Candidates

Ward 6 Advisory Neighborhood Commission candidates look to sway undecided voters during their last week of campaigning before the election. On Monday before the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly meeting, nine ANC candidates explained why would be the best for the position.

Meet your Ward 6 ANC candidates below:

Jane Jorgensen, SMD6D 01

Photo of Jane Jorgensen

“I will work hard for safer streets, quality neighborhood primary healthcare for the uninsured, and after school activities and opportunities for youth.”


  • Town Square Towers resident for nine years
  • Recently retired pediatric nurse practitioner
  • Organized a citizen activist committee around the Maine avenue waterfront development.

    Ahmad Nurriddin, SMD6D01

    Photo of Ahmad Nurriddin

    “I’ve been active primarily with schools. I want to make sure that the benefits of the neighborhood benefit the entirety.”


    • Served on ANC 1A
    • Past PTA president
    • Experience working with developers

    David Sobelsohn, ANC6D02

    Photo of David Sobelsohn

    “Our neighborhood faces great challenges: crime and development. I won’t abandon our streets to thugs and gangs.”


    • In the past, Sobelsohn has worked to improve community grocery store.
    • Worked with neighborhood developers to make sure the community benefits from developers.

    Ron McBee, ANC6D03

    Photo of Ron McBee

    “I want to step up and help the community reach full potential.”


    • Twenty year resident of neighborhood
    • Committed to safety
    • Co-chair of Friends of the SW Library
    • Chair of SW History Committee

    Mike Chahinian, ANC6D03

    “There are developments in the pipeline that can change this neighborhood. I will seek to make sure our neighborhood reaches its peak.”


    • Plans to improve safety and transform the neighborhood into a “more walkable community”
    • Plans to improve communications with the neighborhood

    Andy Litsky, ANC6D04

    Photo of Andy Litsky

    “I want to focus on the Southwest Waterfront development.”


    • Running for sixth term as ANC commissioner
    • In the past, Litsky has focused on increasing police presences and addressing transportation and parking issues.

    Roger Moffatt, ANC6D05

    “I am trying to ensure that the community gets what it deserves from the developers.”


    • First elected to ANC 6D in 1996
    • Has served in each officer position.
    • Wants more effective police protection for SW, especially around the O Street Circle
    • As the chairman, Moffatt worked to make more time for residents to get involved in meetings.

    Rhonda Hamilton, ANC6D06

    “I want other kids to experience the type of childhood I had here. I know the time dedications and energy that it takes to be an ANC commissioner.”


    • Current ANC 6D secretary
    • Twenty-three year resident of southwest

    Bob Siegel, ANC6D07

    “I’m a really community oriented person. I hope to get re-elected because I believe that as an ANC commissioner I only get better every year.”


    • Thirty-five year resident of Ward 6
    • Elected to ANC 10 years ago
    • Actively involved in outreach with senior citizens.