Be My Sorority Sister- Under Pressure Reviewed

Be My Sorority Sister-Under Pressure is the newestpublication from author and freelance writer DorrieWilliams-Wheeler. Her third book release following SparkledollAlways into Something and The Unplanned PregnancyHandbook, Be My Sorority Sister-Under Pressure is gearedtoward mature teen and collegiate female readers.

The bookexplores the life of Eva Perkins, a student at Edwin Carver Scienceand Technology University and chronicles her journey to becomeapart of Beta Gamma Psi Inc., the oldest African-American sorority.While the plot, sorority and characters are all fictional, theconcepts are real. This book is an excellent interpretation of theexperiences that many Black females encounter in their quest to”greekdom.” It is a must read for females contemplating joining asorority and for those who are already a part of one.

Be MySorority Sister- Under Pressure is unlike other novels thataddress the idea of Greek life because it examines both the prosand cons of becoming a member of a Pan-Hellenic organization.Williams-Wheeler discusses reasons why people join Greekorganizations, including the need for acceptance, leadership, andpower.  She puts into perspective the obligations that comealong with Greek life such as money, time and emotional investmentsand portrays the fulfillment that is gained through service andsisterhood.

ThroughWilliams-Wheeler’s candid writing style, the reader is able toexperience the process of membership in a Greek organizationthrough the main character. The reader has full access to this”discreet and secretive” process and to Eva Perkins’ thoughts andemotions which reveal her motives for joining Beta Gamma Psi. Thereader encounters rejection, pain, joy, doubt, and satisfactionjust as Eva does on this journey.

In Be My Sorority Sister -UnderPressure, Williams-Wheelers also examines myths about Greekorganizations. She addresses the ideas of hazing, discriminationbased on physical appearance and social stature, legacy, andsuperiority.

By the end ofthe novel, all questions the reader may have are answered. Thereader should walk away from this novel with the satisfaction ofknowing that he or she has witnessed it all; the good, the bad andthe ugly sides of sorority life.