Best Cuts: More Than Just a Cut

Shaping up an image in the community

Just a simple haircut is enough to bring the community together on Georgia Avenue.

At Best Cuts located at 2612 Georgia Ave., everyone is welcomed and given quality service while customers build rapport with their stylist and barbers. Those from all parts of the world – from Panama to Jamaica – unite in brotherhood and sisterhood all for the passion of barbering.

“When you get to know someone for a certain amount of time, you bond with them,” said David A. Ivory, a customer for the past three years. “It’s a learning and sharing environment. You get people from all walks of life.” The barbershop is not just about the haircut, but it also serves as a social atmosphere where those from different backgrounds discuss numerous topics and share laughter. With its close proximity to Howard University’s campus, it is a haven for many students. “The barbershop is a cornerstone for the Howard University community and local community,” barber Jarrod Croxton said. The owner of Best Cuts, Fredrico Lindo, was born and raised in Panama until the age of 14. He has owned the shop since 1999. It had been Lindo’s dream since high school to own a barbershop since cutting hair had been one of his hobbies. He chose to have the barbershop on Georgia Avenue because the lot was available, and he felt it was good for black business.

“For those of us that didn’t go to a black college, this area is good for us,” said Caliph Assagi, another frequent customer.

Lindo and the barbers have known each other since 1992, which is evident through their constant bickering and disputes, which are reminiscent of any other family.

“It’s always comedy,” Croxton said. “We talk about everything from violence to politics.”

Lindo enjoys the ambiance of the barbershop, especially when there is a big debate and the clients jump in.

Freshman Ebony Kankam was in need of a job when she was introduced to Best Cuts by a friend who got his hair cut there. Now, she is the shop’s secretary. Since her arrival, she has become a part of the barbershop family.

“Fred is like my dad away from home,” she said. “They help me with my math work.”

The shop also employs hair stylist Carol Carnegie, who has been there for three years and specializes in various styles and perms. “Both women and men come to get their hair done and cut,” Lindo said.

The customers are pleased with the service and several have recommended others to come.

“That’s where everybody is going,” freshman Omari Evans said. “It’s a welcoming atmosphere and a very social environment, and you’ll get a good cut.”

With its 100 years of experience combined, Best Cuts provides the community with a great place to fellowship and the opportunity to leave the shop as a new man or woman.

“Everybody is good,” Croxton said. “You can have a good time and get your hair cut. It’s a great place to be.”