Black Book Will Remain In The Dark

President of Def Jam records Jay-Z has confirmed that he is stopping plans to release his autobiography because he feels uncomfortable with fans knowing everything about his past.

Rap mogul Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter,  spent the last two years working with journalist Dream Hampton on his memoir "The Black Book."  MTV books planned to publish the memoirs, but now that it is complete Carter is nervous about putting it on bookstore shelves. 

Dream Hampton does not appear to be happy about the rapper’s sudden shyness. In an interview with the Daily News Jay-Z said, "I know that people really want to know about me and I thought it was okay, but as I got closer and closer I said ‘what am I doing?’ " 

Students are disappointed about the rapper’s decision. 

Christopher Donaby, a junior business administration major attending Southern University at Baton Rouge, said "When I listen to Jay-Z I feel so motivated, I know that reading his autobiography would have the same affect on me."

Sade Rogers,  sophomore public relations major at Hampton University,  was also anticipating the release and had plans on purchasing the autobiography. "I just could not wait to hear the deal with him and Beyonce. He always seems so secretive with their relationship," she said.

However, Rogers feels that Jay-Z had good reasons for keeping  the book off the shelves.

"Putting a book out on your life for the world to see is a huge step just think about how many people you will put on blast," she said. "Could you imagine the whole world knowing everything about you?"

On that thought, the whole world will probably never get to see the personal side of Jay-Z, since mtvnews.com reported that the book will never be released.