Black Students to Participate In Congressional Forum This Week

The National Association For Equal Opportunity In Higher Education will host more than 100 black college students at the National Leadership Summit and at the African American Student Leadership and Legislative Conference held at Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill.

Two student representatives from each historically black college will meet with members of Congress and their staff, learn the legislative process and participate in a congressional forum where they will share their perspectives on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.Other highlights include a Policymaker’s Roundtable Discussion on Public Policy Imperatives for the agenda on blacks in higher education 2005-2008, five Plenary Sessions, as well as a salute to distinguished alumni.

The National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education is comprised of about 300 presidents, chancellors and administrators of colleges and universities, higher education researchers, policy makers and chief executives of philanthropic organizations who serve as executives and decision makers.The National Leadership Summit hopes to accomplish three main goals.

1. To reach a common understanding of primary issues of concern regarding blacks in higher education around which a broad and diverse group of stakeholders might work collaboratively during the next three years.

2. To present a clear view of the current status, achievements, challenges, capacities and potential for historically black colleges to continue to provide solutions to the higher education access, achievement and graduation gaps as well as assist graduate and professional schools.

3. To meet their excellence and diversity goals and assist employees in meeting their human resource needs; and to reach a consensus on a limited number of strategic, quantifiable actions on which the invited participants and others might work collaboratively to strengthen historically black colleges and increase the number of African Americans and other traditionally underrepresented students, faculty and staff in higher education.

The Leadership Summit will take place April 20-23.