Buy a Car Without The Hassle

Are you considering car shopping, but are unsure how to getstarted?  Worry no more because your start to an efficient andhassle-free car buying process is just a click away.

www.jefffcars.com(three F’s) was recently launched as a tool toengage minorities in the many facets of car buying.  It willaid in bridging the gap between women, minority consumers, dealers,and corporations as well as alleviating unbiased lendingpractices.


The website contains links pertaining to loanrefinancing, loan approval, listings of car deals, gas prices perregion, service repair, a systematic process on handling servicediscrepancies and even a car loan calculator.


For 14 years, Jeff Fortson has served theAtlanta community as an automotive consultant, orator, andfacilitator.  His experiences in both retail and corporatesectors of the business have allowed him to master the ins and outsof car buying.  Establishing Jeff F’s Auto Buying Clinicis only a step up in his career.  The first of its kind, thisseminar explains the importance of building and maintaining credit,financing, purchasing, maintenance and service of vehicles.


According to Target Market News, in 2002African Americans spent 47.5 billion nationally purchasing andservicing their vehicles.  The Selig Center for EconomicGrowth expects minority spending on cars to rise to nearly $1.5trillion by 2009.

Women are also affluent in car buying,constituting 85 percent of car-buying decisions, and 50 percent ofactual purchases of new vehicles.


Fortson recognizes the influence of minoritiesin this market, but he feels that amongst African Americans thegeneral focus is not the credit scoring process, but the price ofthe vehicles themselves.  Credit scores are essential invehicle purchasing as they determine the interest ratelevels.  According to Fortson, this can also determine themodel car you may drive.


To alleviate this misunderstanding Fortsonadvises college students to start with at least one credit card andmanage it wisely.


“Make choices that you can afford andthink about how they’ll affect you down the line”suggests the entrepreneur.


Isis Caffey a sophomore at Howard Universitysaid, “Too many people are untrained in the importance ofcredit and the long term effects of poor money management. Programs like these are essential in creating a more responsibleand stable generation of young adults.”


In recent years there have been allegationsexposed by the media that women and other minorities pay more fortheir vehicles and other related services.  Fortson no longerwants minorities to be taken advantage of by businessowners. 


Instead, he wants women and minorities to bewell informed of their credit background and to know they areentitled to fair and quality service.  Fortson’s mainincentive however is to establish a connection between dealers andminority customers.


For more information log on towww.jefffcars.com.