Combs Deals with Child Support Issue: Is the Ruling Ethical or Legal

News about fathers not paying child support often dominates thenews and the conversations of African Americans.  However, onecelebrity father seems is being penalized not because he doesn’tpay child support but because his son’s mother thinks that heshould pay seven times more the amount of money he alreadypays.

Acording to USAToday.com, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs wasordered by a Westchester County judge to increase his child supportpayments from $5,000 to $35,000.

In P. Diddy’s opinion Misa Hylton-Brim, themother of his 10-year old son Justin, is currently in the processof getting a divorce from her husband and just wants moremoney.

Meagan Law, an 18-year Bowling Green StateUniversity student says Hylton-Brim is being a gold digger.

“If she’s getting a divorce than that’s herproblem and she needs to figure out how to take care of herself onher own.  She seems to be taking the easy way out.”

This college student agrees with Combs in theinstance that Hylton-Brim is not taking responsibility forherself.  She does not believe that Combs should give heradditional money in child support.

On the other hand, Shedon Williamson who is a24-year old, second-year law student at Texas Southern Universitysays, “I don’t think $5,000 is anything compared to what he isworth.  Yes, I think that she should get more money.”

This law student takes into account thatbecause Sean Combs can afford to pay more money in child support,he should.

The facts do remain that Kim Porter, who isthe mother of Combs second child, was receiving more money thanJustin’s mother was.  Also, according to the book Bad Boy:The Influence of Sean “Puffy” Combs” on the Music Industry,Combs estimated worth is $400 million.  This helps supportShedon’s statement that P.Diddy’s worth can easily allow him toincrease the child support payments.

Josh Byrant also agrees with Meagan Law thatshe is asking for more money because she knows the rap star canafford it.  The issue with Bryant is that she is not askingfor more money because it does not cover the expenses of their sonJustin, but she is asking for more money because she wants it forherself.

According to USA Today.com Combs says, “It’snot about child support, it’s about adult support.”  So, wehave to wonder is it ethical or just legal for Misa Hylton-Brim toreceive an increase in child support?