D.C. Digs Out

Residents Take It Slow on a Snow Day

Residents of the Washington, D.C. area woke up to a snowstorm on Monday. The morning began with bone-chilling temperatures and low visibility caused by falling fluffy flakes. It snowed 4 to 12 inches overnight, according to the National Weather Service, and continued to snow well into the morning.

This same storm was responsible for the rare amounts of snow that blanketed the Southern region of the country over the weekend. The inclement weather didn’t deter residents in the LeDroit section of the city, who were out playing in the snow with their families and friends. Some built snowmen, while others joined in a fierce snowball fight. Then there were those who watched their dogs run through the snow, laughing in the below-freezing weather.

 “I’m from Buffalo, N.Y., so this really isn’t a big deal,” said Gregory Wahl, a young father playing in the snow with his young daughter. “This is relatively new to my daughter so she seems to be enjoying it a lot,” he said. “I would be able to get around relatively easy, but I think I’ll stay home with my wife and toddler.”

Government officials gave employees the option to take liberal leave or arrive at work up to two hours late. Schools across Maryland and Virginia closed for the day. Transportation was difficult for travelers as flights in and out of Washington experienced major delays or were simply cancelled. While the unplowed roads may have presented some challenges to drivers, the Metro was running as usual and experienced few delays.

 Inkster, Mich., native Tamila Myles, a Howard University sophomore, majoring in public relations, said what Washingtonians considered a snowstorm would be no cause for concern in her part of the country. “It’s crazy that 4 to 8 inches of snow can shut down an entire city. In Michigan, we would have to get close to a foot of snow for officials to even think about cancelling classes.”

The day turned to be one of leisure for many in the area as some took a day off from school or work to relax, play in the snow, or simply get out and see some sights. For others, it was about digging out and preparing for the next work day.

 “For me, life keeps moving,” said Jevon Europe, who works at Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science. “I’m from New York, so today’s snow isn’t bad at all. I basically just got a day off from work,” he said. “Hopefully, my [students] come back tomorrow feeling rejuvenated. I’m sure they were excited to get out and play in the snow.”

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