Eminem to Release Greatest Hits Album


Ever wonder what “Slim Shady” is up to?  He’s been quiet for awhile now and while he may be taking a break from spouting off anger in the music industry, he’s about to remind the world that he still has a voice. On December 6th, Eminem will release his first Greatest Hits Album.


The CD, titled “Curtain Call: The Hits'” will feature platinum amd Grammy hits, from all four of Eminem’s CD: 1999’s quadruple platinum The Slim Shady LP, 2000’s nine times platinum The Marshall Mathers LP, 2002’s eight times platinum The Eminem Show and 2004’s Encore, which is almost five times platinum.   Songs will include:  “The Real Slim Shady,” “My Name is,” “Like Toy Soldiers,” and "Lose Yourself" just to name a few.


"I have some songs that a lot of people like," said Eminem in an Interscope Records report. "I have some songs that only I like. This album is obviously for the ‘lot’ of people."


Die hard fans of the rapper can purchase a two-disc deluxe edition featuring special packaging and a second CD titled "Stan’s Mixtape." On the “Stan’s Mixtape” CD, a main character “Stan” compiles all of his favorite Eminem songs.  This CD features off-the beaten path Eminem songs that didn’t get radio play including: "Role Model," “Criminal,” and “Kill You.”


Eminem throws some new music on the CD making it worth the purchase, even if you have all of his CDs already.  There are three new tracks on the CD:  “When I’m Gone,” “Fack,” and "Shake That" (featuring Nate Dogg). In addition, the album offers a truce-making duet “Stan” preformed with Elton John at the 2001 Grammys and two songs “"Dead Wrong RMX" (featuring The Notorious B.I.G.), and "Renegade" (featuring Jay-Z) that have never been available on an Eminem recording.


Eminem burst onto the music scene in 1999 and shocked the world with his controversial lyrics that gave homophobic messages and spoke of violent acts such as killing his wife and mother. A protege of rapper Dr. Dre, Eminem quickly rose to fame, grabbing number one hits and Grammys and becoming one of the most successful white rappers in the rap industry in years.