For Fans, ‘It’s a Celebration!’ Chappelle’s Show Slated to Comeback

Comedy Central announced on Dec. 5 that "Chappelle’s Show" will air in 2006, at least for four episodes anyway.

“We had reached out several times to Dave’s camp and asked, ‘What would you like to do?”‘ Comedy Central President Doug Herzog told reporters. “But we never received a definitive response. … We thought it was time to start unearthing the material we had.”

Chappelle had taped four episodes worth of sketches before he exited the show and the network plans to air these episodes in April or May of next year.  There is still no word on whether or not Chappelle will actually be returning to the show. So, the network is still trying to determine how the show will air, since Chappelle’s on stage introductions to the skit were never taped. “It’s great material, and we think our audience is hungry for it,” said Herzog.

The last original episode of “Chappelle’s Show” aired in May 2004 so fans can’t wait for the show to return to return with new material. “The Chappelle’s show was one of the best show’s out there but naturally you get tired of watching the same old episodes,” said James Taylor, a junior broadcast major at USC.  “I can’t wait for the show to come back!”

For those who truly can’t wait until next year for a new dose of Chappelle, Comedy Central will offer a sneak peek by airing exclusive footage from third season sketches during its "Comedy Central Last Laugh ’05" year-in-review show, which premieres Dec. 11 at 9pm.

Chappelle spurred rumors last year when, after signing a reported $50 million for a third and fourth season, he suddenly disappeared.  The media speculated that he had a mental or drug problem, but Chappelle surfaced in South Africa, saying that he was simply overwhelmed. 

“I’m definitely stressed out,” he told Time magazine a few days after Comedy Central announced the show was indefinitely postponed. “I’m not crazy, I’m not smoking crack.”

While Chappelle’s figuring himself out, the show will go on! And hopefully he gets his act together before the curtain drops on the Chappelle’s show for good.