Everything You Need to Know About iPod

The iPod nano

By Danielle Scruggs

    Apple Computer, Inc. revolutionized how most people listened to music when it introduced the iPod in 2001. Four years and three versions of the ubiquitous accessory later, Apple recently unveiled the iPod nano, which serves as the iPod mini’s successor.

    The iPod nano has only two models: the two gigabyte and the four gigabyte, which holds 500 and 1,000 four-minute songs respectively. Like the full-size iPods, it boasts a click wheel for easy menu navigation as well as a color screen that displays album art and photos.

    The iPod nano, which has a battery life of up to 14 hours, is also equipped for podcasts and audiobooks. Because it stores information on flash memory, instead of a tiny hard drive, it is less prone to skipping.

    The latest iPod is tinier than any previous version, with the width of a number two pencil and the length of a credit card. Some reviewers have its small size could actually be a problem, since it makes it easier to misplace.

    Another problem for some could be transferring songs from computer to player, since the iPod nano only uses a USB 2.0, instead of the faster Fire Wire cable that is used for full-size iPods.

    Like its iPod cousins, the nano version only works with iTunes software for Macs and Windows. Unlike the iPod minis, it only comes in two colors: black and white.

Ipod Guide

By Capricia Williams


    With so many different iPods available, you might wonder which one fits your style and budget? So, BCV put together a guide for future iPod owners.

Once you pick out your iPod you’re ready to buy accessories for it. There are a myriad of accessories to choose from including colorful armbands (to attach iPod to your arm), docks (for the iPod to sit on), FM transmitters (to connect your radio in your car), lanyards (so the iPod could hang around your neck), and a rainbow of cases (skins).  

My top 5 Ipod accessories are:

  1. Bose Sound Dock Digital Music System, $299.00. At this price it is indulgent for a college student but if you’re going to annoy your roommate do it with the best sound.
  2. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones, $59.95. The headphones that come with the iPod are usually uncomfortable and don’t produce a true sound. These headphones will.
  3. Apple iPod Socks, $29.00. The sock is a cute way to set your iPod apart from others. It is also a great way to protect the screen.
  4. Monster IcarPlay FM Transmitter, $79.95. If all your CDs are on you iPod might as well bring the iPod to the car instead of the CDs.
  5. Apple iPod Camera Connector, $29.00. This is an easy way to connect your digital camera to your color display Ipod.