Everything you need to know about skin care

Skin is one of the most complicated things to master.  We go from dealing with acne to trying to prevent wrinkles.  It seems like as soon as you conquer one issue another is right around the corner. Somehow there is a host of black celebrities like Angela Basset, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Beyoncé who seem to defy the act of time by not aging. 

While some may argue that they’ve found the fountain of youth there’s one thing we can’t deny.  Black don’t crack.  But what is it about black skin that doesn’t seem to fade with time?  According to Dr. Yolanda Holmes, a dermatologist in Washington D.C. melanin-filled skin is somewhat like hitting the jackpot when it comes to looking young a lot longer.

 “We are very fortunate and blessed because we have melanin in our skin, which protects us against the sun.  The sun causes fine lines, wrinkles and spots…because of the pigment we’re protected.” 

But most have learned in their adolescences that even with your melanin you still need to do certain things to protect it.  With a world filled with thousands of face washes, masks, moisturizers, serums and everything in between it’s easy to get overwhelmed and unsure.  So what products should you use to assure your skin stays ageless?

“I recommend that you wash your skin twice daily.  In the morning and before going to bed, in the morning put on a moisturizer and something with sunscreen.  You can probably get them combined, or you can do them separately,” Dr. Holmes advises.  “And if you’re a more mature person…I usually like you to use some sort of anti-aging or a product that will rejuvenate your skin.”

While there are countless products out, there many may worry that they can’t get celebrity-like clear skin without celeb money.  No need to fear.  According to Dr. Holmes, “There’s so many product lines available…some of the lines that are affordable are right there at the drug store.”

As for all those ‘extras’ like face masks, serums, and toners?  “They’re an add-on they’re not required,” Dr. Holmes assures; so there’s no need to stretch your pockets for the things skin care companies claim you need.

All you need are a few basic products that everyone can afford.  “Sunscreen and Moisturizer are a must,” Dr. Holmes says.

Dr. Yolanda Holmes office is located at 1140 Connecticut Ave NW #675, Washington, DC 20036.  For appointments call her office at 202-737-6800 between 9 am and 5 pm on Monday through Saturday.