Fans Express Discontent Over Vick Case

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Sentenced to 23 Months in Prision

Some say that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who was recently sentenced to 23 months in prison, deserved little more than reprimanding for his involvement in dogfighting.

“No one says anything about people who race horses and race dogs for money,” said Brent Birckhead, a local resident. “People obviously do not know what happens when these animals do not perform. They are killed. They are not sent to a farm to retire. They are killed.”

“I am not condoning what Mike did,” Birckhead said, “but I am asking how are his actions any different from some ‘great American’ pastimes? Events like the Kentucky Derby have been around for years. Horses are bred and trained specifically to race, but no one is arrested for that.”

Even an animal rights activist and vegetarian, Christian Spence, said there is hypocrisy in the Vick case.

“How dare the media try to make Vick appear like monster when the government gives Americans a license to hunt and kill animals?” Spence asked. “You want to talk about monstrosities? Many animals have been killed in their natural habitats. Americans dump chemicals into rivers, lakes and ponds, killing many aquatic creatures. And developers tear down the homes of woodland creatures to build corporate monster companies.”

“Not to mention, most American eat meat that was raised and farmed to be killed,” Spence continued. “How is this any different? So, since Michael Vick is a celebrity that makes it incredibly wrong of him. If only there was this much media coverage concerning all injustices against animals.”

Vick’s case has drawn attention to other celebrities for possible involvement in dogfighting such as rap super star DMX. And with football season well underway Atlanta Falcons fans are feeling the loss of Vick, who was suspended from the NFL. The Falcons had a 3-10 record after losing 34-14 to the New Orleans Saints on the day of Vick’s sentencing.

“I feel like Michael Vick was under close watch anyway,” said fan Christopher Richardson. “I mean he is a young black quarterback in the NFL. How many black quarterbacks are there in the NFL? People were waiting for him to do anything suspicious.”