Festival Hopes to Keep Jazz Alive

Hear for yourself and listen to some local jazz artists

Not even a rainy day could dampen the spirits of jazz lovers at the 7th Annual Jazz Preservation Festival on Saturday.

“I love the freedom in the music, the improvisation, the melody,” said Dick Smith, jazz vocalist and coordinator. “It reminds me of the affection, love and unity that people used to have for each other.”

The all-day event featured local jazz artists who told stories of love, hate, and friendship through the melodic sounds of classical jazz.

Audience members listened to jazz artists Earl Wilson, DeAndrey Howard, Thad Wilson’s Big Band and many more as they played saxophones, guitars, pianos, drums and sang all for one cause – to help revive and preserve jazz in the District.

“We are for the community,” Smith said. “We want people to remember that jazz came out of a time when one of the only things blacks had was music. It’s all about culture.”

Listen to some of Saturday’s artists below.