Floetry Debuts Flo’Ology


    If music was a science like biology, ecology or psychology, how would we learn it? If ever there was a formula to avoid the sophomore slump, Marsha Ambrosius, the songstress, and Natalie Stewart, the floacist, have the math right with Flo’Ology

    The dynamic duo brings a more sophisticated element to this album than their first album titled Floetic.  The album cover shows songstress" Marsha Ambrosius and "floacist" Natalie Stewart in black and white with purple in the inlet, matching their new mood which is sultry and dark. 

    One thing that stands out on this album is the visible improvement in song-writing skills and their unique choice of words. Whether they are rapping or singing, Floetry’s lyrics are thought provoking and pleasant.

    The upbeat single “SupaStar” featuring the king of conscious rap, Common is a good choice for a neo-soul blend.  Common is the only guest on the album this time around.  The production ranges from Raphael Saddiq to Scott Storch, creating a musical variety. 

    Most of the album is very mellow with songs like “Closer” and “Sometimes U Make Me Smile” reviving the romantic quality fans expect from Floetry.  There aren’t too many songs that will have you out of your chair dancing like the first album.

    The popular single from their first album “It’s Getting Late” is now reborn in the form of “Lay Down” and “I Want U.” Anyone looking to revisit “Say Yes” will find a few substitutes with Flo’Ology.  If people are looking for music to fit a sexy mood, the CD will not disappoint.

    Ambrosius belts out her distinctive voice on ballads like “Imagination,” “Let Me In,” and “Feelings.”  As always, Stewart’s spoken-word whispers and hip-hop verses are perfectly inserted in the tracks, making a smooth blend of their talents. 

    With Grammy and Mercury nominations under their belt, the Geffen Records team is upping the ante to keep their largely global audience nodding their heads. The funky pair is now on a tour promoting their newest masterpiece.