Former President Going Back to Work

Clinton tapped By UN to lead relief efforts

After 4 years, America’s most popular unemployed citizen has a new job.

Former President Bill Clinton, who has worked solely on his foundation since leaving office in January 2001, has recently been named the United Nations’ tsunami envoy. An envoy is a diplomatic representative– second only to an ambassador–that is sent on a special or temporary mission. The move follows Clinton’s fundraising efforts for tsunami victims alongside former President George Bush on behalf of the current administration.

According to the UN, Clinton was a perfect pick for the position and that they hoped that he would make sure the region gets the proper attention it deserves even after the initial shock of the tsunami tragedy wears off.

“[We are] confident that President Clinton will bring energy, dynamism and focus to the task of sustaining world interest in the vital recovery and reconstruction phase following the tsunami disaster,” said UN secretary general Kofi Annan’s spokesman Fred Eckhard in a statement. “He [Annan] believes that no-one could possibly be better qualified for this task.”

In addition to addressing relief efforts, the UN expects Clinton to help resolve some of the conflicts in the tsunami-ravaged regions including Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

One students seemed unsure of the practicality of the move for the former president.

“Why do they have just a section just for [tsunami relief],” said Charlyn Anderson, a senior psychology major at Howard University (HU) in Washington, D.C. “They don’t last forever and they [are not] annual occurrences.”

Another student applauded the UN’s choice.

“I am glad to see that the United Nations is drafting President Clinton into its service with the Tsunami Relief Effort,” said Dan Blakemore, a senior political science major at HU. “I do believe that he will be an excellent envoy for this purpose and expect that his leadership experience will be an asset for the rulers of the tsunami-ridden region.”

Despite her uneasiness about the permanence of the position, Anderson did say that considering the goals the UN has stated, they have found the right man for the job.

“Clinton is one of the most practical and logical presidents we have ever had so I think that he has the decision making skills and experience to pull a country out of debt and devastation,” she said. “My only worry is health, [which could] eventually interfere with his ability to do his best on the task.”

For their part, the UN seems to be banking on it and Clinton’s “energy, dynamism and focus.”