Former Rockets Star Charged With Indeceny and Sexual Assault

Despite the hype the surrounding the case and testimony of hischildren, former Houston Rocket’s star Calvin Murphy said hedid not do it.

Calvin Murphy appeared in court March 31 andin an emotional, tear-filled plea of innocence, firmly deniedcharges that he molested five of his daughters. He faces threecharges of indecency with a child and three charges of aggravatedsexual assault of a child. 

“I am not guilty of thesecharges,” said Murphy, now a candid and eccentric colorcommentator for the Houston Rockets. 

“Obviously, I am missing being theflamboyant commentator that I was before all this happened, butthat is not important right now,” Murphy said. “What isimportant right now is what I am doing… [trying] to get myselfexonerated and put my family back together.” 

The five daughters claim the abuse occurredfrom 1988-91, this according to an affidavit filed by Texas RangerDrew Carter. Prosecutor Lance Long claimed that one of the fivedaughters who Murphy allegedly molested, was six-years-old when hetook her to a hotel room and performed oral sex on her. 

Murphy contends that the allegations are aresult of money battles. 

“My heart aches — of course for mebecause I am in the spotlight — but it really aches for mydaughters, because there are reasons behind this that will bebrought out later,” he said. 

Long, however, denies that these claims stemfrom money issues and feels that Murphy’s celebrity shouldnot have a bearing on the outcome of the case. 

“Any time someone is charged with sexualabuse of a child, it is disturbing,” said Long. “Ithink because he is well-known, or if someone is not well-known itshouldn’t make a difference.” 

The allegations have also brought to theforefront the fact that Murphy has fathered many children out ofwedlock. Long said that Murphy has 13 children, 10 daughters andfour sons, with nine different women. 

Murphy is considered by some to be thegreatest player below six-feet to ever play in the NationalBasketball Association. He averaged 17.9 points for hisHall-of-Fame career, including five seasons scoring more than 20points per game. Murphy made 78 consecutive free-throws in 1980-81while setting a record that season with a .958 free-throwpercentage. 

Murphy spent his college career with theNiagara Purple Eagles from 1966-70 where he was a two-timeconsensus All-American (1969-70). He was a prolific scorer incollege and would have led the nation his final two years, were itnot for the scoring exploits of “Pistol” Pete Maravich.Murphy is fourth on the NCAA’s all-time scoring list behindMaravich, Austin Carr and Oscar Robertson.