Friends, Family Honor Slain Journalist

Young reporter killed on DC streets

Milton’s mother, Francine Milton, from left, a friend, her father, Ken McClenton and Milton’s stepsister, Jasmine McClenton, gathered to pay homage to the slain journalist.


That is the number of journalists killed on the job so far in 2015, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 

They were killed in nations torn by war or infested with drug gangs, countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Iraq.  But not Charnice Milton

Milton, 27, a reporter for a weekly newspaper, was gunned down on the streets of the capital of the “Leader of the Free World” as she was making her way home from covering a story in southeast Washington.

Friends and family gathered last week to honor Milton, a reporter for the Capital Community Network, a weekly newspaper and website mostly serving black D.C. residents.

People who knew her said Milton dedicated her herself to serve her community through journalism.  She was shot and killed when one man used her as a human shield against a gunman who was trying to kill him.

During a vigil for Milton at the Senior Wellness Center on Alabama Ave southeast Washington, her father, Ken McClenton, told of the struggle Milton’s mother, Francine Milton, had to go through when Milton was younger dealing with Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger’s syndrome is a disorder where people affected have trouble with social interactions and nonverbal communication.

 “She put her child in the hands of God ,and God raised that child to be such an audacious writer, beautiful young woman and worshipper of Christ,” McClenton. Said.

Issues of the Hillrag newspaper featuring Milton’s articles were passed around to attendees to read.  Colleagues, Maceo Thomas and Andrew Lightman coordinated the event.

Thomas, a contributing writer at Capital Community Network, said the vigil wasn’t put together as a political statement.

“It was supposed to celebrate her work,” he said.

Lightman, her managing editor, said he took her under his wing three years ago and remembered her being “very hardworking and committed”. 

And Milton was committed to the very end as she was on her way home after covering a Eastern Market public meeting when she was shot.. 

“Charnice was a reporter,” Lightman said.  “That’s what she wanted to be and that’s how she wanted to be remembered.” 


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