News Lab Gentrification Project


  • Effects of gentrification (experiences of)
  • Low income
  • High income
  • Property owners
  • Newcomers
  • Source of income
  • How are they treated?
  • Benefits vs. Disadvantages
  • Quotes/voices
  • Chocolate City commentary
  • Before/After Stories
  • Demographic time table
  • Recreation/facilities
  • Stadium
  • Dog parks
  • Schools
  • Entertainment
  • “The Plan,” persistent theories on a “plan” to change the complexion of D.C.


  • Rental programs
  • Profiles of condo owners
  • Mixed use properties/Section 8
  • Percentiles reflecting how much more property was sold for during bubble
  • Serial movers (running from gentrification)


  • Minority business ownership
  • Business growth for some
  • Developers/construction
  • Existing Businesses
  • Holding out
  • Importance of keeping their presence
  • What have they been offered?
  • Differences in marketing/stocking (i.e., Starbucks, supermarkets w/gourmet sections)
  • Dixon’s idea to plot locations of liquor stores and sources of fresh produce in certain neighborhoods or citywide






Need a Name for the Project (Please make suggestions):

All Eyes on D.C.: How Gentrification Is Transforming the Nation’s Capital

D.C. Through Many/Different Eyes:

Trading Places: Gentrification in Washington D.C.

Trading Places: How Gentrification Is Shifting Around D.C.’s Residents

Capital Changes: Gentrification in Washington D.C.

Capital Changes: How Gentrification Is Transforming D.C.

There Goes the Neighborhood?

Deal Estate: How Money Is Transforming D.C.’s Neighborhoods


Home, Sweet Gentrifying Home”

A Place Called Home:

Follow the Dollar: How Money Is Transforming D.C.’s Neighborhoods

A Dollar and a ??

Is It All About the Benjamins? A Special Report on Gentrification in D.C.

Capital Changes:  How Gentrification Is Transforming D.C. From a Chocolate to Neapolitan City

From Chocolate to Neapolitan: How Gentrification Is Changing the Flavor of D.C.

Common Ground

A Different D.C.:  How Gentrification Is Transforming the Nation’s Capital