Get Waisted


While the midsection is often the area of the body you’d rather not draw attention to, one new fashion trend will inevitably do just that.

Portable Media Concepts Inc. has introduced its plans to market an invention that, they say, is sure to merge hip-hop and technology, say hello to Video and MP3 belt buckles. Both belt buckles double as a media device and the new technology design aims to merge music, video and apparel.

“Belt buckles are a part of having good fashion and good taste in clothes,” expressed Gantry Baker, 13. “A lot of rappers have [buckles] with their names on them. You can even get one with your favorite team [logo].” 

Within the past year, belt buckles have become a staple item for the entertainment industry and now they are more innovative than ever. Skulls, LED scrolling lights, nicknames in diamonds, and spinning rims are all available to accent your midsection.

            The Portable Media Concepts Network will evolve the belt buckle to support a permission-based, personal approach to the world of digital music. The network plans to include other online media partners in an effort to offer its community of users thousands of secure music and multimedia downloads including chat, email, and instant messaging. With these extensions, users will have the ability to remotely access the Network from locations other than their home.

Portable Media Concepts Inc.’s co-founder Winston Hardson explained to BlackNews.com that with the emergence of portable MP3 players and the success of so many hip hop clothing lines, it was a natural progression for the two to merge.

“I think it is a very creative idea and definitely a way to merge hip-hop and fashion. However, I think it will really only appeal to pre-teens and teenagers … it will most likely only last as long as any normal fad,” said Leigha Blackwell, a student at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

The MP3 digital music Buckle will retail at $79 and the Video Buckle will retail at $129. “I’m a big fan of belt buckles and I would buy something like that,” said Kevin McLin, a student at Tulane University.

             The Video and MP3 belt buckles are scheduled to hit retail stores in late spring or early summer. The Portable Media Concepts Inc. website will be available for viewing in April.