Hey, Students, There’s a Presidential Election!

If I hear the phrase, “the problem with black folks is . . .”one more time, I am going to scream! From my perspective, I cantell you that one problem with some black folks is that they waituntil it is too late to be informed.

I recall South Carolina’s primary weekend in February.

All of the Democratic presidential candidates were in Columbia,S.C., the Friday before the Feb. 3 primary. Political activitieswere happening all over town. Two of the candidates — Al Sharptonand Wesley Clark — even came to the BenedictCollege campus to talkpersonally with those willing to listen.

I was surprised when more than one of my fellow students askedme, “What are all these people doing on campus?” and “Who arethey?”

My mental reaction was, “Where have you been for the pastyear?”

I don’t know about you, but for past eight months or so, Ihaven’t been able to pick up a newspaper or enjoy my favoritetelevision sitcom without seeing something about the upcomingpresidential election.

Politics doesn’t have to be your hobby for you to hear thelatest news, but this particular event has great significance inour history.

How could you miss it?

I guarantee you, the same people who have not been aware of thelatest political issues are the same ones watching the videos onBET and MTV, with no regard to the local 11 o’clock news or to CNN.It is like the joke comedian Chris Rock tells about N*****s andbooks. “N*****’s hate to read!” he says. I’m beginning to wonder ifit’s just a joke.

Most of our parents chastised us regarding our homework: “Youcan’t add 2 plus 2, but I bet you can tell me all the words to thelatest rap song,” they said, smirking. (I understand now, mom anddad.)

Adults should not have to be reminded that the caliber of theirnext four years will be determined by what happens at the polls inNovember.

I don’t write this to belittle the uninformed, but as a word ofcaution.

Those who need to read this probably won’t. Can the rest of usget the word out?

Ali Omar is a student at BenedictCollege who is editor of TheTiger News.