The Little Book That Answers Big Questions

Upon first arriving to Howard University, every student receivesa thick little booklet along with other stacks of paperwork. Thelittle book is important but often overlooked; it deals withstudent insurance.

Most students like Sophomore Charla Kenedyadmit that, “with all of the things that you have to figureout about Howard when you first arrive, reading the healthinsurance policy is not a priority.”

But other students like freshman Janet King,are a little more hopeful about the situation. “I takeeverything I can hoping to read it all…but most of it Idon’t get around to.”

The fact is that most booklets and pamphletsof advice will never be read. Nearly everyone is choosing insteadto stash them into a desk drawer that will be a pile of horror andconfusion by the end of the year. The emergency room is not theplace to discover this important information. For those, whohaven’t read the manual, don’t let this be yoursubstitute for reading, but rather an introduction to the tidbitsof information all students should be aware of.

The official statement provided on the HowardUniversity web site states, “The policy provides benefits forthe usual and customary charges incurred by an insured person forloss due to a covered injury up to a maximum benefit of $5,000 andup to a maximum benefit of $5,000 for sickness.”

If you’re wondering about the”usual and customary charges,” a few are hospitalmiscellaneous expenses such as the cost of the operating room,laboratory tests including pap smears, pre-admission testing,surgeon’s fees, day surgery and seeing an anesthetist.

Students who are injured as a result ofmaternity or pregnancy complications, sick as a result ofintercollegiate sports, injured and require outpatient servicesover $100 at a place more than 35 miles away from Howard Universityor sick as a result of dental treatment made necessary by injury tosound, natural teeth, are not covered under the insurance policy.Hopefully you have another way to pay because one thing any fifthyear senior can tell you is that Howard does not award diplomas topeople who haven’t paid all of their bills.

Again, this is a very brief and very broadoverview of the benefits provided under the student healthinsurance plan. Please read over the little manual provided at thestudent health clinic so that you won’t be one of thethousands who have already been surprised with a bill from HowardUniversity Hospital.