High School Coach Keeping Students On Track

Kennon Broadhurst Tries to Pass On What Others Gave Him

Photo Courtesy Laurel High School: Track coach Kennon Broadhurst with the Laurel High School girls track team.

LAUREL, Md. — Kennon Broadhurst, a former student athlete at Suitland High School in Maryland was inspired to be successful by his coaches. Now as an adult, he uses the motivation from his old coaches to inspire a new generation of athletes.

“There is no amount of money that could repay the coaches that I had in high school. So, I decided to help other athletes in the same way,” Broadhurst said.  

When the opportunity to become Laurel High School’s head track coach came along, Broadhurst took the job hesitantly. “Honestly, I wanted to work with my alma mater Suitland High School. But, Laurel High School chose me. And I just feel like it was right,” Broadhurst said.   

Photo Courtesy Laurel High School: Coach Broadhurst with the Laurel
High School boys track team.

Becoming a coach gives Broadhurst the opportunity to give young teens a positive outlook on life. “I honestly want these kids to go to college. However, if the they decide that college isn’t for them, I want them to responsible, accountable and determined,” Broadhurst said.

According to the NCAA, there is a small percentage of high school athletes that go on to play collegiate sports. However, coaches influence their athletes beyond sports. Coaches and athletes spend a lot of time together. As students prepare for track meets, Broadhurst stands not only as the coach but a parent, advisor and teacher to his team.

“Coach Ken is a great coach but he’s also a father figure to me. When my family was struggling financially, he bought my running shoes with his own money,” Anicia Boler, a senior track athlete said. Being a coach doesn’t stop at training the athletes. 

As an athletic coach, you are initially responsible of management, travel and physical workouts of the team. Yet, if you want to create a stronger team, a coach helps the team reach developmental milestones.

“I want these kids to be reliable and consistent in track, academics and in life,” Broadhurst said.

The opportunity to being an athlete pushes some teens to be leaders and this is what Broadhurst wants some of his charges to become. “Football is my main sport. Yet, being on this track team has impacted me the most. I work hard to help the younger people on the team. So, when I graduate, the team will still be winners,” said Maurice Peterson, senior track athlete said.   

Coaches are unsung heroes to the athletes they train. These athletes take their motivation for the sport to excel in all aspects of life. High school athletics provide young teens physical and life skills. There is a positive influence in sports for high school athletes.