Immigration Crackdown in PW County

As of March 2nd Prince Williams County of Virginia implemented their Immigration policy. The immigration crackdown is expected to cost $6.4 million in its first year. The new policy tolerates no illegal immigration, and police officers will enforce the policy in its entirety. Police Officers will be able to run and confirm an individual’s legal status during questioning for crimes and even traffic violations according to the new policy. The efforts for the crackdown are to resume a peaceful atmosphere the community once held. Prince Williams County city legislators believe crime came when an abundance of illegal immigrants moved into the area. Police Chief Charlie T. Deane accepts all scrutiny to the policy. He says,” I have a great deal of confidence that our officers are as well trained as they can be and that they are ready to take on this new responsibility. Prince Williams County consists of Northern Virginia and is the independent city of Manassas. It is part of the Washington Metropolitan Area. There is a large Latino community that resides in the county. Residents are in fear that the Immigration Crackdown will rationalize racial profiling. “Many residents are in fear of the police as oppose in trusting them. Many of my neighbor’s sons have been harassed but in the laws eyes the officers are just following police and procedures.” Ana Maria Lopez said, she is apart of the Manassas community board. The policy has been implemented and several acts of racial profiling have erupted. Melinda Cortes, 49, son was one of the individuals who was targeted and questioned for hours. “We do not do anything to anyone. We go to work and come home. My family and I come to this country to make a better situation for our children. So why do they treat us like dogs hunted.”