Imprisoned Rapper Shyne Continues To See Millions

Island Def Jam is expected to sign jailed rapper Jamal (Shyne)Barrow to a $3 million record contract sometime this week,according to Canadian Press. 

Shyne, who is now serving a 10-year sentencefor his participation in a New York Night Club shooting, involvingSean “Puffy” Combs, is anticipated to wrap up the dealby the end of the week, according to an anonymous source familiarwith the negotiations. 

Shyne, whose lyrical flow is similar to thatof the late great Notorious B.I.G., is not anticipated to bereleased from state prison in Dannemora, N.Y., before 2009. 

Shyne’s self-titled debut album wasreleased back in September 2000 under P. Diddy’s infamouslabel, Bad Boy Entertainment who is notorious for housingextraordinary acts like, B.I.G., Mary J. Blidge, Mase and R&Bgroup 112. 

Shyne’s musical career was ended beforeit officially got started, when at age 19, he was sentenced toprison for his part in the 1999 shootout at Club New York.He’s most memorable for his hit single, entitled, “BadBoy,” featuring Reggae artist, Barington Levy with his albumexperiencing modest sales, selling more than 900,000 copies todate.  

According to Canadian Press, Shyne would bethe first artist obtained by the Island Def Jam music squad, sinceAntonio (L.A.) Reid took over as chairman in February.  

Although, other prospective artist who havebeen imprisoned during the climax of their musical careers, havebeen known to record releases over the phone or in visiting rooms,Def Jam intends on utilizing materials Shyne recorded prior tosentencing, for his upcoming album release.  

Three people were seriously injured during the1999 brawl, which reportedly started after P. Diddy was insulted,while partying with then girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. 

Shyne was convicted of gun possession chargesas well as assault, for firing his weapon in a crowded club andstriking at least one person.  

P. Diddy and personal body guard, Anthony(Wolf) Jones, were acquitted of gun possession charges, while nocharges were filed against Lopez, however, shortly after theincident, intense love affair between her and Combs was abruptlyended.