Incorrect Sat Scores

The pressure of college selections, taking AP classes, and practice exams, just isn’t enough to stress about anymore. Now the SAT’s being scored correctly can be added to the list.

Recently about 4,000 students who took the SAT college entrance exam last October, were informed that due to an error with their scan sheets their scores were incorrectly low.

The College Board, which owns the exam, notified college admissions offices of the mistake and provided the proper scores for affected students in a letter received by some Tuesday afternoon according to the Washington Post.

This mistake could mean a scholarship adjustment or simply admission into a school that was not selecting the candidate based on the incorrect score. “I can’t imagine being a student or parent in this situation. I was there once and this was the least of my worries”, says mother of three from Houston, TX, Cheryl Williams.’I would be a nervous wreck.”

Critics have long questioned the SAT’s value as a determination of a student’s value and performance at any given university. “When I took the SAT’s I thought they were a joke”, says senior Michelle Hogg of Tulane University. ” You have a huge number of African-Americans that can’t afford all these fancy pre classes, and White students that can. The result is clearly biased.”

The apparent cause of this mistake was dampness on the answer sheets before going through the scanner. The dampness, slightly stretched the answer sheets. That, combined with answer "bubbles" that were lightly filled in, caused the scanners to miss some correct answers, officials said in USA Today.

“People spend their money for this test and for course for this test, so I think the least the College Board could do is grade them effeciently. Double check even, but don’t mess up a young adults future,” says junior physical therapy major Kristina Walker of UNT.

One thing is certain, a test does not prove a person’s capabilities, and apparently neither does a machine.