iPods Linked to Hearing Loss

You’ve heard that sitting too close to the television may hurt your eyes. Now, a recent article in USA Today suggests that Ipod earphones may cause hearing loss.

Everyday we see college students, with white cords hanging with buds in their ears to concentrate, or eliminate noises. Have you considered that you may be blasting out your eardrums?

As the popularity with Ipod and other MP3 players soared, issues with hearing loss arose after more young adults were reported as having hearing problems associated with Ipod earphones.

The same concerns were once raised with portable music players when they first arrived on the market. The difference now is longevity. Ipods and other portable MP3 stereos pride themselves on holding thousands of songs and having battery power that last up to 6 hours.

As a result hearing damage is directly related to the duration of time spent listening to these devices, despite the volume level. With the number of times an average student spends traveling, daily and during the holiday season and classes recesses, many admit that they could not survive a long trip without their portable device. “I use my Ipod 50 percent of the day, and don’t feel like it will affect my ears long term”, says Nadia Johnson, a senior at University of Texas at Austin.

According to Wendell Williams the Director of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Baylor Hospital, “The solution is not to just turn the volume down or to simply not wear earphones, but be conscious of the time. Keep them on for about thirty minutes, give your ears a break, and come back to them. It’s all about timing.”