Tiffany A. Bolden, Staff Wrtiter


My name is Tiffany A. Bolden. I am a senior honors print journalism major, sociology minor from Los Angeles, CA.

          My articles have been published in campus publications The Hilltop, District Chronicles and BlackCollegeView.com and in Tom Joyner’s Blackamericaweb.com. I have covered politics, health, education and community service among others.

I interned with The Washington Business Journal in the summer and fall of 2005. There I compiled information for the calendar, people on the move and good works sections. The calendar listed business events in the Washington area.  People on the move highlighted new hires and promotions in the management level of business. Good works featured local business that partnered with non-profit organizations to help the community.

I have always enjoyed writing. At age 12 I took it upon myself to write 12 pages about my first visit to WashingtonD.C. in 1997. Human interest stories are my favorite types of stories to write.

I am currently an office assistant in HowardUniversity’s department of journalism, where I assist with the daily operations of the department and do research for the chair of the department.

I have a younger brother, Terrell who lives with my parents in California. I am an optimistic, ambitious and family-oriented person who enjoys reading, writing, singing and meeting new people.