Review: Alicia Keys Back With a Bang

It began with her sultry voice crooning “No One.” The beat penetrated to your heart and you sang along, thinking about whoever your love may be. “As I Am,” the highly anticipated third album from R&B artist Alicia Keys, has been in heavy rotation on radio stations worldwide.

The album of 14 tracks certainly shows the growth and maturity of such a talented musician. Alicia Keys invites you into her musical world, offering upbeat tempo hits as well as soul touching soft ballads.

You can definitely close your eyes to this CD and sing along in your best impersonation. A quick run through of the songs may leave you feeling unsatisfied, but put it on repeat and as you listen for the second or third time, the words change your whole perspective.

Alicia Keys has done it again. She has pulled you in. It is hard to pick a favorite with this album. Songs like “Superwoman,” “Like You’ll Never See Me Again,” “”Lesson Learned” and “Wreckless Love” solidify the reason so many love Ms. Keys.

“As I Am” is the album to listen to when you are looking for a temporary escape to ponder on life and love, mellowing your mood if only for the duration of 55 minutes. Alicia Keys delivers, and all that can be said is thank you. She has definitely come back with a bang.