“Is That a Weave?”

The decision to wear a weave is not a choice women make becausethey lack hair. A weave is also used to help hair grow and toobtain a particular hairstyle.

“Women wear weave[s] to portray a certainlook or image. People just like to be versatile,” said DionneAllen of Southern University, a sophomore from LaPlace, La.,majoring in psychology.

“We don’t like to have the same hairstyle at all times. If it takes adding hair to create that look,then that’s just what we have to do.”Roy Stewart, ajunior from Plaquemine, La., majoring in secondary education, saidhe considers Beyonce Knowles — a singer known for her long hairand even longer hair weaves — beautiful.

“She looks good with [a] weave but shewould look good without it also. When it comes to weave[s], itdepends on how you look. If you need it, go ahead and get it, butif you don’t, then wear your own,” Stewart said.

Another male student had a different view.

“I would prefer to have a girl who wearsher own hair, so I can run my fingers through it without it gettingstuck in a track,” said Seth Watson, a senior from New Orleansmajoring in electrical engineering.

For many, fashion is a factor.

A “weave provides a different look orstyle, but a lot of people get it just because everyone else hasit,” said Angelia Leblanc, a senior from Darrow, La., majoringin criminal justice.

And some women wear weaves as a way to keeptheir own hair healthy. Mesha Whitaker, a Southern freshman fromHouston majoring in biology, said, “I prefer to wear my hairstraight down. I just wear [a] weave to grow my hair out so that Ican wear my own.”

Nicole Dorn isa student at Southern University who writes for The SouthernDigest.