John Kerry Concedes Presidency; Bush Re-elected

After calling President Bush to congratulate him on his victory,Senator John Kerry addressed the public at 2 pm yesterday inBoston, conceding his bid for the presidency while reminding thecrowd that he would “never stop fighting” for America.

Senator Kerry, along with Vice Presidentialnominee John Edwards gave their speeches at Faneuil Hall, the verylocation where he announced his intention to become the nextpresident of the United States.


Although all votes have yet to be counted,Kerry acknowledges that there simply were not enough votesremaining to recover Ohio’s electoral votes from the Republican’sgrasp. Initially the Kerry campaign hoped for provisional andabsentee ballots to carry the state, however waiting for thosevotes could have been reminiscent of the chaos that took place inFlorida during the last presidential race. At least 270 ElectoralCollege votes are needed to win the presidency, and Ohio carries 20electoral votes. President Bush kept a steady, but small lead inOhio with 51% compared to Kerry’s 49%.

Kerry stated that the most important thing forAmericans to do now is to move forward, stating that he recognizeswe are “in desperate need for unity.” He implored his supporters tocontinue to have faith, and to work together for the good of thecountry. Kerry also made reference to our affairs overseas. “Wemust find a common cause, and stand together to succeed in Iraq andwin the war on terror.”

Before leaving, Kerry seemed more emotionalthan usual, saying “I wish I can rap you up in my arms and embraceyou. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Despite theoverwhelming sense of sadness, someone in the crowd shouted “Istill have your back!” Kerry responded, “I still have yours.”

President Bush will begin his second four-yearterm in January of 2005.