John McCain Promises to Fight for America in Acceptance Speech

Sen. John McCain delivered his acceptance speech as the presidential nominee for the Republican Party Thursday night and promised he would fight for America “as long as I draw breath, so help me God.”

“The party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan is going to get back to basics,” McCain said at the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minn. He thanked President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush for leading during “America’s darkest days,” referring to 9/11.

McCain described the differences between him and his opponent, Sen. Barack Obama. He claimed that unlike Obama he wants to help Americans keep their jobs, give them more opportunities for health care and prevent American companies from going overseas.

McCain also discussed “fighting” corruption and big spenders when many Americans are struggling to keep their jobs, fill their gas tanks, pay off their mortgages and buy groceries. “All you asked of your government is to stand on your side and not in your way, and that’s what I intend to do – stand by your side and fight for your future.”

He also spoke about education. “Education is the civil rights issue of this century,” McCain said. He talked about eliminating bad teachers and replacing them with those who can do a better job. It was important to him that parents were given the opportunity to choose the type of education they want for their children.

“Barack Obama wants schools to answer to bureaucrats and unions; I want schools to answer to parents and students.”

He also criticized his own Republican Party. He said that the American people have lost trust in the government since Republicans were running Washington and that the Republicans’ job now is to restore trust in Washington.

McCain said he wants to to off shore to drill oil wells. He would use all resources, inside and outside the United States, to “rescue our economy from damage” and said that Obama would not be successful in supplying the resources and energy needs of the American people.

As far as international relations, McCain spoke about Russia’s attack on Georgia and protecting America against future attacks by Al Qaeda. “The brave people of Georgia need our solidarity and our prayers.”

McCain also discussed his experience as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He claimed that through this experience America saved his life and made him a selfless person. Upon his return to America, he wanted to serve his country by running for seats in the government. “I wasn’t my own man anymore; I was my country’s.”

The Republican told Americans he was ready to fight for them and make the changes that they have tirelessly been awaiting. “I have the record and the scars to prove it,” McCain said. “Senator Obama does not.”

McCain can now look forward to the race to the White House for the two final months to Election Day in November.