Howard Graduate Programs Rise in Ranking

By Virgil Parker, Howard University News Service

Howard University announces a series of ranking increases for certain graduate programs. The announcement follows the release of the 2022 Best Graduate Schools from the U.S. News and World Report’s List.

The university’s nursing, business, law and education programs received the ranking increases. The School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences is now ranked No. 56 for its nursing master’s program and No. 79 for occupational therapy. The School of Business is now ranked No. 64 for its full-time MBA program, the School of Law, ranked No. 91, and the School of Education ranked No. 91. The College of Medicine is ranked No. 1 for the Most Diverse Medical School.

“I am proud and impressed at Howard’s growth on the collegiate rankings. Seeing how far the school has come and how it’s legacy is going to continue is a privilege, and exciting,” said Dean Baily. Baily is a third-year architecture student at Howard who is on the track for the five-year Master of Architecture program. Bailey continued, “I would love to see Howard’s Master of Architecture program advance in rank. It will take time, but as a student of the program, I am positive that we will climb the list soon. ”

President Wayne A.I. Fredrick of Howard said that the elevated rankings are an incredible feat for the “faculty and staff who work tirelessly to help train the nation’s best and brightest students.” Dr. Frederick also stated that the rise in school rankings reflect the success of the university’s strategic plan to enhance academic knowledge.

“As a current undergraduate freshman attending Howard University, hearing about how several of Howard’s graduate programs are continuing to rise up in rankings makes me proud more than ever to be studying here,” said Dominic Harold. Harold is majoring in computer information systems at Howard. Harold went on to say, “I notice how much Howard is advancing its students for success in their careers, and it encourages me in pursuing my degree and beyond.” Harold hopes to see all of Howard’s graduate programs continually move up in rankings.

Dana Williams, Ph.D., dean of Howard’s graduate school, emphasized the university’s ability to educate its students. “We are consistently the leading producer of African-American doctoral recipients who earn a Ph.D. from an on-campus university. The quality of the programs that train our graduates is unparalleled,” said Williams, Ph.D.

Kuishon Brown, a recent graduate of Howard, said, “I always felt that HU was a powerhouse not only as an HBCU, but country-wide. Since I started my academic journey at Howard, to crossing the stage at graduation – I have felt only one word: proud.” Brown went on to say, “Though, to me, Howard has always been at a high rank in my heart. It just took the world a little longer to see the same.”

The university achieved a similar milestone in September, reaching the ranking of No. 80, a high for Howard.