Karl Lagerfeld to Launch Line for H&M Today

Self proclaimed as “intelligent, opportunistic, and aprofessional dilettante,” Karl Lagerfeld has definitelyexceeded his own self-description.  On November 12, 2004, KarlLagerfeld’s ready-to-wear line for H & M will bepresented to the world. 

While the clock on the H&M website countsdown to the release, many anticipate the latest spark of geniusfrom Mr. Lagerfeld.  Initially, only select stores will carrythe line, but the possibility of expansion is probable.  DC,New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, and Massachusetts arethe current markets that will feature the new creations ofLagerfeld’s “Midas touch.”  

Lagerfeld’s H&M line consists ofbeautiful garments for both men and women at reasonableprices.  Examples of some of his pieces include silk dressesfor $34.90, tuxedo shirts for $49.90 and wool blazers for$129.  In lending his name and designs to H&M, Lagerfeldhopes to show people that “cheaper chic” does exist. 

Karl Lagerfeld has led a career of impeccablefashion advances.  Over the years, Lagerfeld has had the honorof being the design consultant for Fendi, director of the maincollection and ready-to-wear line at Chanel and has been givencarte blanche to produce an astounding ready-to-wear line for thehouse of Chloe, not to mention his namesake label launched in 1983. 

Vogue has crowned Karl Lagerfeld as the”unparalleled interpreter of the mood of the moment,”which is a description that perfectly fits.  Lagerfeld has hishand in a lot of what is hot in fashion.  His name alone issynonymous with style, luxury, and high quality. Lagerfeld’s passion comes from his love of designing, heoften says, “what I enjoy about the job is thejob.” 

Lagerfeld is not the only designer lendingtheir designs to “budget-priced” retailestablishments.  Mastermind, Isaac Mizrahi has created aneasy-wear line for Target stores nationwide.  His lineincludes leather jackets for $99.99, cashmere berets for $7.99 andfabric boots for $34.99.  Mizrahi believes in “luxuryfor every woman, everywhere” and clothing that celebratesthat very idea. 

After the success of Mizrahi’s line in2003, Isaac has shown great innovation for 2004.  Currentlyhis collection for Target consists of everything from accessoriesto intimate apparel, with fabulous finds in between.  Withlower prices does not come lower quality.  The attention todetail is still very prevalent in all of Mizrahi’s creations. 

Mizrahi’s line can be purchased in-storeor at www.target.com.