Kraft Food Recalls Jell-O Brand Sugar, Free Fat Free Insant Pudding

Pistachio nuts and Jell-O just don’t mix, especially when it was unintentionally blended with thousands of Jell-O packages. Kraft Foods of Northfield, Illinois has issued a national recall of 1.4oz. Jell-O Brand Sugar Free Fat Free Reduced Calorie Instant Pudding & Pie Filling in White Chocolate with the 05 Mar 07 D8 and 06 Mar 07 D8 code dates. Chocolate has the 06 Mar 07 D8 code date and Chocolate Fudge has the 07 Mar 07 D8 code date.

All of these products may contain pistachio nuts, according to Kraft. The company said it found the mistake in some boxes still in its possession and that other Jell-O products are not being recalled. Kraft also mentioned that consumers will be refunded for the recalled products by returning it to the store where it was purchased.

Though there haven’t been any illnesses or allergic reactions reported, people who are allergic to pistachio nuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume the recalled products, according to Kraft. The company maintained that consumers who aren’t allergic to pistachio nuts pose no health risk.

Kraft said it has taken measures to prevent a recurrence of this incident. Kraft estimates that about 148,500 packages of the recalled Jell-O were produced and the Best When Used By code dates are printed on the end flap for the recalled products. Kraft Foods is a global leader in its branded foods and beverages.

Last year’s net revenue of $32 billion establishes the company as a global empire. Kraft Foods originated over 100 years ago and has grown to become the largest food and beverage corporation in North America. It is the second largest food corporation in the world. The company markets its popular brands in 155 countries.