Martha Stewart Emancipated from Jail

Martha Stewart was freed from prison early Friday morning after serving five months for lying and obstructing justice in a 2001 stock sale CNN reported.For the past five months, Stewart, 63, has spent her days in Anderson Federal Women’s prison in Alderson, West Virginia.

“The experience of the last five months in Alderson, West Virginia, has been life altering and life affirming,” Stewart told CNN reporters.

“Someday, I hope to have a chance to talk more about all that has happened…”

Although Stewart is out of prison, she still must serve five months of house arrest at her mansion in Bedford, NY. Within three days of Stewart’s release from jail she must meet with her probation officer, who will decide when she will begin wearing an ankleBracelet, intended to signal authorities if she leaves her home, CNN reported.

Stewart is only allowed 48 hours per week outside of her 153-acre home according to CNN.Stewart, who has become famous because of her domestic innovations, has left many cheering her return to life outside of prison, but others with skepticism.

“She should have stayed in jail longer,” said LaJoy Evans a senior at North Carolina A&T. “Just because she has a famous name it shouldn’t mean anything. They should not have knocked down her sentence.”

Chizoba Udeorji, a senior at Howard University disagrees. She said society is harder on Stewart because she is a woman.

“Because she is a business woman and she is known to be aggressive, many people are turned off,” Udeorji said. “If she were a man she still would not have been scrutinized after she served her sentence. After her sentence she is still has house arrest. If she were a man, society would have felt he had redeemed himself.”