“Moment Maker” Up and coming producer ‘Greenss’

He might not say much when you first meet him but as time goes on you’ll learn he’s one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet.  When he asks how you’re doing, he’s genuinely interested.  He listens intently to your every word, even the inflections in your voice-just to see if you’re okay.  That ear and intent to listen are why he’s bound for the stars.

Spencer Green, born and raised in a small suburban town called Fairfield in Connecticut, is indeed someone to get to know.  As a sophomore at Howard University, he’s slowly but surely starting to leave his mark with his undeniable talents in music.

He’s not a rapper or even a singer.  He’s an up and coming producer.  With a love of music that dates back to ever since he was young, Spencer, or his stage name Greenss, loves working for hours on mixing, chopping and producing music for others to hear. 

"My goal from my soul is to reach as many people as I can with my music.  There are some artists, I’ve never met them, but they’ve changed my life…and I think to myself, what if they never pursued their passions in making music?  My life would be so different.”

With a musical palette that stretches from jazz to hip-hop, Greens allows the music to speak to him “My best stuff comes from when I don’t think, I just let it happen.”

Greenss, whose stage name pays montage to his last name ‘Green’ and his first and middle name ‘Spencer Scott’ says music for him is all about the moment.  “I don’t go into a beat thinking ‘ok, I’m going to put this with this’ it’s all in the moment.  It’s just got to hit in the right place. I know it hits when I feel it.”

For Greenss it’s all about the way you feel when you listen to not only his music but also any music.  “There are so many albums that have played a part in who I am. They’ve changed me. I want to do that; I want to be more than just a music producer or a musician.  I want to be a moment maker.”

To listen to some of Greenss mixes and original productions follow him on soundcloud greensstunes , Instagram and Twitter @Greenss__.