Museum Day Draws Crowds

Despite the rain, hundreds of people waited patiently on long lines to enter museums throughout the District, yesterday for the 5th Annual National Museum Day.

National Museum Day was hosted by Smithsonian Magazine and sponsored this year by CITGO and Goziac.com which allowed two people from each household to enjoy a day at a local museum free of charge. Admission cards for more than 20 different museums in the District were available on the Smithsonian Magazine website.

Charletta Bohler, 20, of Atlanta Georgia stood on line in the rain for the National Museum of Crime and Punishment.

“Even with the rain, I enjoyed National Museum Day because I was able to visit so many different museums within the Smithsonian area, before even coming here.”

Bohler had already visited the National Museum of American History and the National Museum of Natural History.

“I must say, though, that my favorite part of this entire day was going into the National Museum of American History because I got to go to the African-American part and I saw the exhibits showcasing Howard University’s legacy all over Washington, DC and the United States,” Bohler said.

According to Smithsonian.com more than 1200 museums in the country participated in National Museum Day, this year.

“The day is not for any specific people, it is for anyone and everyone who wants a taste of free culture,” said Alison Goldstein of the Rosen Group, a public relations firm based in New York and DC.