New Monument Slated to Honor Haitian Soldiers

Many monuments have been dedicated to the world’s history makers, now Haitian soldiers have been added to the list.

Next Saturday, after 226 years, Haitian soldiers will receive recognition for the large part they played in the Revolutionary War.

Haitian soldiers made up the largest military unit in the war according to the Associated Press.

The bronze monument, which will cost a proposed $500,000, will be on display in Savannah Georgia according to AP.

There role is significant in Savannah, because it was here that Haitians fought unsuccessfully in October on 1779 along side American colonist drive the British from Savannah according to the AP.

The monument will be on display in downtown Savannah on the riverfront.

“Not too many people know about the contributions of Haiti to the greatness of America,” said Raymond Joseph, Haiti’s ambassador-designate to the United States in an interview with the AP.

Many college students said it is about time that Haitian people receive recognition.

“It’s good because blacks as a whole were underrepresented in the Revolutionary War as it relates to being recognized for our contributions,” said Tony Lowry, a student at Howard University.

Andre Taylor, a recent graduate of Cheyney University agrees.

“It’s about time that they recognize someone other than Europeans who fought in the wars in America,” Taylor said. “It would also be nice if they started letting more Haitians into the country instead of turning them away.”