New Software Offers Global Internet-Based Phone System

Soon, the landline phone system that we’ve become accustomed to using will become a thing of the past.  Skype is software that replaces your existing phone line with an internet-based phone system.  With Skype users can make calls worldwide from their computers or telephones.  The process is simple: just download Skype, plug in your headset, speakers or USB cyberphone and start dialing. 

No need to worry about security.  Calls between Skype software users are secure and encrypted.  Calls to standard telephone or mobile numbers are also encrypted.  However, during a conference call which is limited to four users, if one participant is using a landline telephone or mobile phone, the padlock icon will not appear indicating that the call is not encrypted. 

With Skype the sound quality is superb, even international calls are crystal clear.  Skype comes with a global user directory, which is a large phone book used to locate people locally and worldwide.  With the global directory, users can locate long-lost relatives.  All Skype calls are free when made to other PC users regardless of their geographic area. 

Skype comes with an additional feature called SkypeOut, which allows users to make local or international calls to those without a computer. 

Unlike Skype, SkypeOut isn’t free, but the cost is a lot cheaper than using landline phones.  The only disadvantage to Skype and SkypeOut is that users can’t make emergency calls to 911. 

Skype can be downloaded to Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and PDAs using Pocket PC.