Obama Supports Speak Out

Election Day has passed and Americans have made their voices heard. The possibility of electing the first African-American president has become a reality and the election of 2008 will remembered for generations to come.

On Nov. 4, Robert and Joan Wright of Philadelphia were among those voting for change. Joan has been a voting since Pres. John F. Kennedy in 1960, and Robert has been voting for about 50 years. The Obama supporters waited 1 hour and 10 minutes to vote after getting to the polls at 7:50 a.m. “It was very important to me to vote in this election,” Joan Wright said. “The way the country is going, I believe that Barack Obama will be an excellent president and I wanted to cast my vote for him.”

Robert Wright said this election was crucial because the United States has a lot of problems, including employment, which he said is the most pressing issue. “Employment is the number one issue for me,” he said. “I expect them to address this issue of unemployment, and that involves all these jobs going out of the country and denying a person work. “If [people] are working, they should be able to obtain a livable wage and health benefits as well.”

Delaware voters like Karla Lynn of New Castle, also showed their support for Obama, giving him the electoral votes for the state. “I feel as though this was the most important vote I have made in my entire life,” Lynn said, “because I helped to make history by voting for the first African-American President.”

Lynn said some serious work must be done to get the country back on its feet and she expects the president-elect to return the United States to its former glory. Lynn says the first year is going to be very difficult for the newly elected president.

“There are so many problems from the Bush administration and they are going to have to clean that mess up,” said Lynn. “That’s not going to happen overnight, so they will have to clean that up before they get on to their agenda and I hope the public is realistic about this.”