Play Cousins Matter

This is the logo for Play Cousins Collective, Inc. and it was retrieved from their twitter account, @playcousins502.

LaNiyah Collins, Howard University News Service

Play Cousins Collective, Inc. is a local organization in Louisville, KY, that provides baby sitters to those who may not be able to afford one, those whose children need tutoring services, and those who need trustworthy people to watch their children. A large number of the mothers and volunteers in the organization participate in activism regarding Black lives and social justice is often taught to the children in ways that they understand. The mission of Play Cousins Collective is to assist with family engagement, children’s programming, community outreach, and resource sharing. 

 K’Ori Terry, a volunteer within the organization, shared that her favorite thing about the organization is how the women work together to ensure their children are taken care of and have a solid foundation.  

“It does take a village to raise a child and I love that this organization provides a village that not only focuses on stability but health and social justice as well,” she said. 

 Chyna Shrivers, another volunteer, said the organization is important because it  provides people with babysitters who take care of their children in all aspects.  

 “Most times babysitters make sure the children are physically okay and have fulfilled their responsibilities but within this organization we make sure that children are emotionally and mentally okay as well. We try to make sure the kids have a great foundation for their mental and emotional health,” she stated. 

Aryn Livers, who also volunteers, voiced that this organization has benefited the Westend of Louisville, an areas that is facing struggles such as food desserts and poverty, in more ways than one.  

 “Play Cousins has helped to bring seminars regarding healthy eating, healthy parenting, ways to diffuse your anger, and other things to benefit the people in the area. These seminars have provided knowledge that people in this area typically do not have access to but through this information they can better the area and eventually better our future,” she said. 

Overall, all the volunteers who were interviewed, were passionate about the organization and what it stood for. Although they haven’t been able to fully participate recently due to COVID-19 and their educational careers, they are still anticipating the return of the meetings and groundwork for the organizations. It takes a village to raise a child and this organization has a wonderful village.