Political Passion: Fashion That Makes a Statement

High-end designers have taken a step in a new direction. Political fashion has shown up on some of the most influentialcatwalks this season.  Formerly an avoided topic, politics hasbecome a major fashion accessory. 

John Galliano, designer for Christian Dior,made quite an appearance at the 2005 Paris Fashion Week. Models donned with wild hair and bold colors, strutted the catwalkin t-shirts that read, “Dior, Not War” and “Dior,For Peace,” to the beat of John Lennon’s peace anthemImagine.  Galliano’s spring-summer 2005collection is sassy, hip, politically-stimulating and definitelyready-to-wear.

Democracy in Fashion is a new group, cofounded by designer Stacey Bendet that supports the Democraticcandidates.  Designers such as, Sigerson Morrison, NanetteLepore, and Diane Von Furstenberg, have all created items, in whichthe proceeds support the Democratic candidates. 

Even swimsuit designer Malia Mills isparticipating in Democracy in Fashion.  Mills has createdthree bikini bottoms adorned with Swarovski-crystals to contributeto the group.  The bikini bottoms read “Bush” inred crystals, “No Bush” in blue crystals, and”Vote” in white.  Mills admitted that she has notsold any of the “Bush bikinis” but the “No Bushbikini” is doing very well. 

Political statements are not only worn onclothing, but also in fashionable trinkets.  Jewelry designer,Carolyn Rafaelian-Ferlise, feels that her “responsibility asa designer and U.S. manufacturer is to remind people that it istheir right to voice their opinion and be heard.”  Withthat responsibility, she has created her Alice and Ani line ofcrystal elephant and donkey pins that are available at HenriBendel.  Also, mainstream designer Paul Stuart, has fashionedelephant and donkey cuff links for the politically concernedmale. 

If you are looking to make a statement, butcan’t afford designer duds, there are still many optionsavailable.  P-diddy’s, Vote or Die campaign has been adefining avenue in making a political statement for young peopleacross the nation.  His Vote or Die t-shirts are affordable,easily accessible, and send the important message that you careabout your future.

In addition, Marie Claire has teamed up withArmani Exchange to create a political statement all theirown.  The A/X t-shirts are exclusively for women and read”Think fashion makes a statement… Try Voting.” These baby tees are available at all Armani Exchanges and retailfor only $20 (while supplies last). 

If you are looking to take a moreunconventional route, try t-shirts with political humor. There are many websites offering a hilarious take on politics inthe form of fashion; Sayings include “I Love Bush/Flush theJohn,” “Prune Bush 2004,” and “Stop MadCowboy Disease” all located at www.Cafepress.com.    Other great sites include www.clothingoftheamericanmind.com,www.loveinwar.com, and www.WSOS.us.