Racist Flyer at University of Cincinnati Targets Blacks

At the University of Cincinnati earlier this week flyers were posted by the National Alliance warning white women to avoid black men because they are infected with AIDS, according to Black News.com.

The flyer which was posted throughout campus and in the school newspaper, showed a face of a black male under the heading, “Don’t Have Sex with Black Men Avoid AIDS.” Erika Guice, a black student at the University, said to Black News, “I saw the flyer and not only were we embarrassed, but we were devastated at why would our school would allow this to be posted in the newspaper.”

National Alliance is an on-campus group of white students that attend the University of Cincinnati. They are known for their racist teachings and messages, according to Black New.com.

“We feel that our school, whom we pay a high tuition to every quarter, does not appreciate the black students who attend this University,” Guice said in an interview with Black News.com.

Some white staff members saw this flyer as a form of free speech.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and can post their messages freely on campus,” a white staff member said in an interview with Black News.com.