R&B Vocalist Gerald Levert Charged With Assault

Gerald Levert, R&B vocalist and son of Eddie Levert, was arrested at about 1 a.m. Friday Feb. 28 and held at the Cleveland city jail until he was arraigned and released Saturday morning.

According to Cleveland.com, police Lt. Wayne Drummond said Levert was driving near the intersection of Eagle Avenue and Ontario Street, following a car driven by a woman who was stopped for speeding.Levert, 38, and his passenger, 27 year-old James Austin Jr., both Ohio natives, approached the officers in an attempt to remedy the situation, but were ordered by police back to their car.

Prosecutor Anthony Jordan said that there was no evidence that Levert caused serious physical harm to the patrolmen Ronald W. Ross and Daniel Lentz, who claim Levert began cursing and pushing, striking one of the officers in the chest.

A third officer said Austin punched him in the face while coming to the aid of Levert.Levert and Austin face charges of assaulting police officers, resisting arrest and obstructing police business. Levert is also charged with drunken driving and Austin is charged with felonious assault for allegedly punching Lentz in the chest.