Research Day at Howard University’s College of Medicine


The first ever Research Day held at the Howard University College of Medicine proved to be a major success. The event was hosted by a committee of 12 professors from all schools and colleges under the umbrella of health sciences at Howard University.

Nearly 200 research entries, known as abstracts, were displayed and judged by a decorated group of 30 doctors with expertise in a variety of medical fields such as cancer and dental research, psychiatry and clinical health and education.

The walls of the Numa P.G. Adams building, which serves as the Howard University College of Medicine, were filled with posters representing the research efforts of over 150 undergraduates, graduate and doctorate students, professors and alumni. Chayne Coston, a third year dental student at the Howard University School of Dentistry, was one of the many excited entrants.

“The research day provided an amazing opportunity to be encouraged by fellow health sciences colleagues to continue to pursue research projects that can bring about significant advancements in dentistry,” said Coston.

Coston teamed with his professor, Dr. Tadasha Culbreath, and fellow colleagues Corey Moody and Safiyah Salih, to present the findings of their research. Their abstract centered on the most effective methods minority dentists can use to expand their knowledge in the field of oral health.

Representatives from a variety of medical disciplines including women’s health, allied health and physical therapy presented their research findings.

Dr. Kristy Woods, Associate Vice President for Research and Faculty Development at Howard University, sat on the committee as well as led the events of Research Day.

“This day is important because it allows researchers to be aware of what other scientist around the nation are doing and provides the opportunity to develop collaborations and interdisciplinary efforts,” Dr. Woods said.