Review: Feeding a Shoe Addiction in Georgetown

Perhaps the love affair began the first time a young girl tried on her mother’s favorite cherry red pumps, or the time the girl put thumb tacks on the bottoms of her shoes to make that click-clacking sound.

For many women, this fatal attraction began at a young age. For Zanetta Williams and Riqua Hailes, their love of all things heeled was solidified when they opened a boutique called Shoe Addict in Georgetown.

The doors to this shoe sanctuary first opened in 2004, and in three years it has filled the void for the exclusivity-driven fashionista.

From the outside looking in, Shoe Addict unapologetically entices unsuspecting punters with inviting and visually stimulating views. Shoes rest on ivory mantelpieces like forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

The shoe lover has arrived. Once customers cross the threshold, it feels as if they have entered their own vanity room.

“Even when I’ve made up my mind about my purchases, I linger in the store a little while longer because the service is always so warm and friendly,” biology major Melba Ross said about her shopping experience.

If the wall-to-wall displays are not enough to put shoe lovers in a blissful state, they are warmly greeted by uber-friendly shoe specialists, oftentimes the owners themselves.

Here, customer service is not the usual mundane performance one would receive at many other favorite shops. At Shoe Addict, a high value is placed on the overall experience.

Aside from the alluring ambiance and the atypical customer service, Shoe Addict’s real draw is undoubtedly the variety of the merchandise.

The store keeps shoe lovers coming back with a well-edited collection that will fit the budgets of both the cheap chic fashion enthusiast and the high-class diva, with prices ranging from $40 to $400.

Hailes says she and Williams wanted to sell shoes that were averagely priced but “more funky and fun.” An eclectic mix of brands like Betsey Johnson, Seychelles and Ferylrobin add validity to their notion of funk and good times. Exclusivity is no coincidence at Shoe Addict. When not shopping at their coterie of more than 30 vendors, Williams and Hailes are always on the prowl for unexposed designers and collections to add to their repertoire. “I love shopping at Shoe Addict, because I never know what I will find,” said sophomore fashion merchandising major Nicole Edmonds. “They always keep it fresh by introducing new styles and brands that I’ve never heard of.”

Currently, this shoe lover’s paradise carries only women’s merchandise, but can easily accommodate the needs of a man in search of the perfect present.

“I’ve heard a lot of girls talk about this place,” said sophomore pharmacy major Justin Ortique, “so if I ever need to pick something up for someone, this is probably where I’d go.” said.

With the convenience of an online shopping module, Shoe Addict offers anyone the opportunity to make purchases from the comforts of their own home or any wireless Internet café.

Shoe Addict offers the perfect mix of fashion, flair and simplicity. It can also double as a go-to destination in clutch situations.