Review: Mavado — A Vocal Leader for the Streets

If CNN were to clash with the streets of Jamaica, the end result would come in the shape of Mavado.

With the mentality of a soul survivor and the grit of a neighborhood hustler, Mavado’s storytelling abilities on “Mr. Brooks … A Better Tomorrow” (VP Records) does more than scratch the surface on life — it dents it.

Mavado’s cry for help comes in the form of a rugged melodic voice, backed up by dreary beats. Tracks like “Jailhouse” and “Life of a G” are ruminative testimonies that find a man’s soul entrapped in his own faults.

Still, Mavado doesn’t shy away from being brash. His pompous record “So Special” makes Remy Martin’s “I’m Conceited” look anything but pretentious. With a sly hook, it’s only right to give Mavado the green light on being so cocky. But, Mavado’s “Don’t Worry” helps showcase his innate ability to be the vocal leader for the streets.

Though Mavado exposes the harsh realities through his lyrics, his candor enables him to address the issues at hand à la Barack Obama.