Review: Musiq Soulchild – “OnMyRadio”

Neo-Soul Crooner Gives Listeners a Chance to Rock to a New Beat

Musiq Soulchild has reemerged in the world of new-aged R&B once again with his fifth studio album, “OnMyRadio”. All 12 of the beautifully strewn together tracks encompass a hint of flavor for every type of listener; from the die-hard hip-hop fan to the neo-soul lover. He even includes a splash of reggae on the track “Iwannabe” in which he collaborates with Damian Marley, the son of reggae legend Bob Marley.

Released on Dec. 9, “OnMyRadio” serves as Musiq’s second album under Atlantic Records, and undoubtedly his best yet. Originally signed to Def Jam, he released his debut album, “Aijuswanaseing,” in 2000, which stoked the embers of neo-soul lovers into a blazing fire for him. But after that, he seemed to release album after album that sounded just like the previous one – a compilation of melancholy and melodramatic melodies dedicated to hopeless romantics through the airways – until now, that is.

“OnMyRadio” illustrates a more mature Musiq with new stories to tell. While he still remains true to his recognizable themes of love, passion and adoration, he does make a serious attempt to produce a few upbeat, “bop your head” songs that tackle a different theme, like “Moneyright.”

One of the most outstanding tracks on the record is also the first single that was released. “IfUleave,” which features the queen of R&B/soul herself, Mary J. Blige, is one of Musiq’s best. Throughout the song, the “conversation” that the two have with each other spells out the problem in many of today’s relationships – a lack of communication.

The second single, entitled “Sobeautiful,” is just what the title suggests; a beautiful, soothing ballad and declaration of love to woman because of her internal and outward beauty. It has a sort of marriage proposal/be mine forever vibe to it, which should be very popular come Valentine’s Day.

Musiq is taking his music in a different direction. It can only get better from here on out. His fans are not to worry, he will still be putting out lovable, and feel good music that makes the evening spent in the bubble bath with a glass of champagne a special one. This album is exploring a creative side that I for one will be sure to listen out for on my radio.